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Our Vision

We will be the leader in the field of Competency through technical excellence in the area of Assessment and Development of people.

Our Mission
- We will set standards that others will follow.
- We will be committed to help client 
  organisations to achieve excellence.
- We will ensure that our processes are open
  and enjoyable to get the best out of people.

VSS Consultants..

VSS Consultants is a group of trained and experienced professionals dedicated to optimising the competency of individuals in order to promote excellence in their respective organisations. VSS draws strength from its people who are among the foremost experts in the area of Competency and Assessment Centres and has the only certified professionals in this area.


We Assess!!


We specialise in Assessment Centres as the most valid methods of measuring competency in people. We believe that all people are inherently capable. We only need to discover their innate capability and put it to use.


We build


Assessment Centres are used the world over as the most valid technique of competency mapping. This competency mapping is the first step towards competency development. Thus, we at VSS Consultants are leading the way in using Assessment Centres for competency mapping and competency development.

Our Associates



Director (Pune)                     Prakash Khandekar           9370145707    prakash@vssconsultants.com

Sr Consultant (Pune)            Kalpana Patwardhan         9823209908    kalpana@vssconsultants.com

Sr Consultant (Delhi)           Rajbir Singh                         9810613073    rajbiers@gmail.com

Sr Consultant (Bangalore)  Balachandra Menon           9845377967    bala@vssconsultants.com

Sr Consultant (Chandigarh) Harbir Singh Chauhan       9915663798   chou_vssc@yahoo.co.in


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